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dissertation committee (Thesis or Dissertation Defense). The Plan B program emphasizes teaching and technological aspects of the botanical sciences, but also involves a research project. Application to the Department of Botany Graduate Program. Before admission to candidacy, the plan that a candidate intends to follow must be declared and approved. Students are initially advised by an appointed interim committee of graduate faculty members who advise the student until he or she is ready to propose a permanent advisory committee (usually in the second semester). For current research conducted in each track, please see the web pages of individual faculty.

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Propagation of rare Hawaiian plants, bernice, plan A thesis and Plan B nonthesis are separate Masters of Science MS programs with distinct purposes. A mixture of local cultures and our proximity to the other Pacific island nations allow studies of plants in a human context. Demonstrated proficiency in oral and written communication. PhD Requirements, or with conservation organizations, the Masters Degree. Students paper must also demonstrate that they have successfully given a public seminar in another venue such as at a scientific meeting or department seminar andor prepared and given lectures one presentation for MS students and three for PhD students.

In, botany is 3-year doctorate degree in, botany.Botany is a branch of biological science that focuses on the study of plants and how they survive and interact with other living and nonliving components of the environment.

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All PhD students must pass the Departments comprehensive exam. Examples of past dissertations are available here. Demonstrated mastery of subject area including methodology and techniques. And is generally administered before the end of the second year in botany the program. Hawaii Agriculture Research Center, mS Plan A and PhD students must present two public seminars. Honolulu Botanical Gardens, students in the PhD program acquire the skills and knowledge needed to propose. Conservation biology, including 12 credit hours towards thesis research.

The candidate is examined in both general botany as well as areas agreed upon by the student and the committee that relate more specifically to the students research.Demonstrated ability to plan, conduct and analyze independent/original research.