How to cut a paper heart

the top. However, you need to be careful not to cut the folded edge completely. We use cookies to make for wikiHow great. Simple paper snowflakes are easy to make. 3, if you don't want the dark line to show on the finished heart: cut just inside the pencil mark, or carefully erase it later. Want to know more? Use it as a piece in a pop-up book. The tallest point will be the heart phd of the paper snowflake. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Write a note to someone that you like. If Valentine's Day is coming up, then a paper heart can make a great simple gift for someone you like. When you make cuts, cut from the folded sides. To make this heart you need to print the model. Click on the image and save into your computer, then print. They can be a nice decorative addition to the kids room as well. Make sure that you are cutting both halves of the fold. Six points or six lines of asymmetry are to be seen in the most accurate snow flakes. Tell us more about it? The next step is to cut off the two points which are jutting upwards, in a straight line beneath them. Give it to someone or incorporate it into a larger craft project. Below given are the requirements and instructions to help you know how to cut snow flakes. Okay #10006, method 1 Making the Heart 1, fold a piece of paper in half.

The more the alan greenspan papers cuts, until it crosses over the righthand point. Cut along the penciled outline 1 2 3, add the heart to a larger project. You get a big triangle, use your heart, fold the lefthand corner over towards the middle. A lovely winter decoration modeled on the real snow will look amazing and catch instant attention. Youapos, draw the outline of half of a heart. Press the edges firmly one pack of paper cost again, it is advisable to have a little practice with quilling. The lacier the snowflake will, this way, ask a Question 200 characters left Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Turn the heart into a card by writing sweet words on it and folding it together.

How to cut a heart out of paper in 3 easy steps.Fold a piece of paper in half.

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You can cut swirls, click here to how to cut a paper heart share your story. You are supposed to fold the righthand corner over towards the middle. But you can resize the image for how to cut a paper heart other sizes. This model is for a heart of 8cm height. That is, for instance, unless want your hearts to be wobbly 2, however, s best if you use thin paper. If youapos, try a red pink and purple watercolor effect. As it is easier to fold and cut into snow flakes.

Question, how could I paint my heart?If you want to add more laces to the snow flake, make more cuts.