How to make a paper football trophy

before that. Next slice the middle part of the bottle open, gently squeeze it in your hand until the cut edges overlap to form a narrower tube, and glue the edges together. Photograph: Fox Photos/Getty Images. You don't get to keep. In 1983, it was stolen from its display case in Rio de Janiero and is believed to have been melted down and sold. The hole is not visible once the trophy is mounted on its base. Suitably for a new statue designed to look old, the process of making a Heisman is both normalized and artisanal. Copyright Monarch Trophy Studio All Rights Reserved. Did this summary help how to make a paper football trophy you? Home Other Paper Models Football Trophy previous next, paper Models of Polyhedra, types: Platonic Solids. To make a plastic bottle trophy, cut the top, domed part off of the bottle as well as the bottom of the bottle to create the base. Dodecahedra, isosceles Tetracontahedra, new Paper Models, complex Paper Models. Turn the top of the bottle upside-down and hot glue it to the tube as well. Paper model of a football trophy. Football Trophy nets for making the shape. Print the PDF file to make the paper model.

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