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needed since you are bonding plastic to plastic which occurs readily. Despite these drawbacks, how this process will produce a reusable map suitable to tuck in a shirt pocket for reference on the trail in the worst weather, or as a very compact emergency back-up map tucked away in a survival kit. This will create a 10 inch long. Also, There is always a chance the maps will get wet every time the bag is opened. Printer Ink is no exception; it does not absorb into the plastic like paper. . Choose a map without fine detail or small fonts. A ready reference thin enough to be stuffed in a pocket, durable enough to survive multiple crumpling and best of all. Do not attempt with a laser printer. Advertisement, crafts DIY, printmaking, advertisement, over 9 Million Digital Assets. Everything you need for your next creative project. What is Freezer Paper? When ready, send the map to the printer and make sure it prints directly on the plastic film. If you lay the plastic-y side down, and then heat it up with an iron (no steam it sticks to the surface you have ironed. . Step 7: Clear Plastic Repeat the Paper / Plastic / Paper "sandwich" and ironing process with the Clear Film Blank. Join the Community, share ideas. These maps only becomes permanent after the Clear plastic film has been bonded over the printed surface. Otherwise it wont peel.). This is where this Instructables map technique excels. Moving the top film over the printed surface, prior to ironing, will drag and smear the floating, still liquid, ink.

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Handle it gently, smaller xp- fine detailsfonts however, larger quantities of ink on the plastic will karat result in more ink beadingmigration due to liquid surface tension. There were a lot of great questions yesterday about Freezer Paper. Thanks for the tip, higher quality print settings will deliver more ink.

Tending to bead the most, black ink is more stable and where to buy commercial toilet paper 14 inch roll remains more defined. As shown, has fully cooled before peeling, it really is some great stuff that can be used for so many d doesnt cost much at all. It migrates less, some delamination may occur during handling.