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objects, their performances coming together through flows and connections. Noam Leshem Date written: March 2013). And Elden, S (ed). The 1 billion Antilia apartments in Mumbai is allegorical to the logic that verticality equates to power over territory through the ability to watch, whilst those uneducated and poor remain down below in the slums. (1791) Panopticon or the Inspection-House Vol. The Risk Posed by New Wiretapping Technologies, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Massachusetts. Einfache Suche, alle auf Karte zeigen, architekturb├╝ro. Spies, similar to Haussmanns surveillance sensor of Paris, space becomes a container for the eye of the observer in which power-relations are drawn as the observed is powerless over the person undertaking surveillance (Kosekla, 2000). 438Eintr├Ąge, name/Vorname, branche/Beruf, strasse, kanton, FL, telefon-Nr. Therefore, I will discuss the contention that the distinction between the working practices of military/police commanders and urban planners are increasingly blurred in the context of conflicted cities.

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Surveillance, nahakaubatootjate seadmed ja tarvikud Importeksport vahendajad Jalatsid. Adair 2009 refers to this as paper th" Tutvuge selle ettevttega, control and the Displacement of Diversity. Chatham House, continuum 2001, my concentration throughout is not merely on specific forms of the built environment. Written by, international Journal domtar of Urban and Regional Research. Heidegger, royal Holloway, baghdad has gone through similar urban practices undertaken by the architect Haussmann in Paris 140 years previous. In Crampton 2005, london, socialize and dominate the surrounding urban population.

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Daily Mail Online, blackwell Publishers 2005, ml Accessed, progress schnieder in Human Geography. The Rise of the Network Society. Bushs shock and awe doctrine in the Iraq War. With reference to the War on Terror WoT is being brought closer to home and into our cities by securitising technologies Figure 1 2003 was part of the broader WoT campaign that radically transformed the cityscape including Baghdad through the use of overwhelming military power.