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: scissors : hot glue gun not shown : coordinating paper optional cut paper into three equal strips. I just realized that most of my posts for the month of September, are recipes. Up first: how to make pleated medallions. Freehand or not a circle and hot glue to the center. Thrifty Decor Chick and at these awesome blogs). Put double-sided tape on each side of the paper strips. I am linking this up at October Before After Party. Once youve folded all three pieces, connect end to end using hot glue until you have one continuous accordion-folded strip. This makes a fan shape. Each one is inexpensive yay!, easy to achieve double yay! You will now have a half circle paper fan. Would you look at that bright blue wall? By varying the size of paper as well as the size of folds, you can get large and small medallions. See the brown fan in the picture above. I made some lovely paper accordions to make into a banner for Boys birthday party. The string should also be on the back side of your paper rosette. Join the other paper strips together and form another paper half circle. Now flatten the circle and squeeze in toward the center.

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You can stop here, take one strip and fold it in half to join together. Begin by folding one strip up about a half inch. Or embellish with a center circle. Again, you should now have a full circle. And joining two such fans to form a circle shape. Separate the four pieces, or embellish further with a coordinating circle in the center. You can leave this. I follow the method of folding a sheet of paper to make a fan accordion fold paper circle shape. Not to worry, how to Write accordion fold paper circle on a Chalkboard Using 4 Easy Chalk Options pleated projects week. I am sure some wellmeaning soul thought it looks super festive.

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Then join the two ends to make a circle. Whimsical touch, fold a sheet of paper in accordion style hence the name. Join the two half circles together with doublesided tape at the edges. Please follow my blog via Email button on the right Pinterest. If you like accordion fold paper circle what you see.

You will need: Paper.What with planning a birthday and coming up with the October Photo Styling Challenge post, crafting has taken a back seat.