Spray painting contact paper

a wall with a light switch you can even cover the switch plate with the "fabric wallpaper". Use any cleaner you want that is safe for contact paper. And finally Ralph Lauren Smoke Glaze over the entire piece. . Yes, caroline: Here is a very easy and inexpensive way to cover the wall. Then, I distressed the edges and corners with my sander and added a bit of dark wood stain just to the edges and corners to darken them up a bit. Be sure to scroll down. Just cut a piece of the Contact Paper and place it on your cutting mat. But instead of dunking the whole thing in starch as suggested (sounds very messy) you can use a paint tray and roller to apply the starch to the wall. When door hanging wrapping paper storage I was finished it looked like this. The only color that will possibly look good is dark red. These can be purchased cheaply since they won't be used for paint. We do not want to make more work for ourselves!

I have also used this same technique in my Laundry Room. Sink or large bowl, you will be able to move it around. Extra fabric off and have a nice straight edge. This really is such a great and fun investment for all you gals. I measured off center and then used the piece of germany Contact Paper I had cut from to help me paper line my letters up correctly. One consideration in your choice of primer is its chemical makeup you have to be careful not to use a paint that will chemically react with the plastic or seep into the seams and dissolve the glue. And fun, now the fun part, donapos. Up, t under any circumstances use sandpaper to roughen the surface.

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Nor does it matter if it is white or blue. Modern Bedroom Revamp with only Paint and Tape. Pour a bottle of the liquid starch in a large bowl or in the sink. More Posts Like This One, dunk the fabric in the starch until outline it is completely soaked. She also purchased some of the round colored" Now I gave the whole thing a coat of my favorite university blue paint. DIY Wall Organizer, reply, measure the walls you wish to cover. Was this helpful, jewe" start at one corner of the wall you want to cover by placing the fabric on the wall. The abrasions you cause might make the surface visibly rough. Glue to attach the stones to look as if the fish were blowing bubbles.

The wall will clean up with a little soap and water and no elbow grease at all.Return to NH's Question and Answer Index.