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Winter, Metta, between 19, the employment rates of men with disabilities fell by 23 percent, and for women with disabilities, they fell by 5 percent. "The ADA recognized that the most promising path to economic independence is through market work and that the social environment is a more powerful factor in determining employment outcomes than is an individual's impairment Burkhauser says. The center's first major findings appear in The Decline in Employment of People with Disabilities: A Policy Puzzle, co-edited by Stapleton and Burkhauser. "This is not simply an academic book for scholars in the field; it is meant to explain in a broad way the policy puzzle of why the employment of people with disabilities has fallen says Burkhauser. Economist Richard Burkhauser, the center's co-principal investigator, and Sarah Gibson, Blanding Professor of Policy Analysis at Cornell, explains the data clearly show that current public policies, although well intentioned, are not pro-work policies for people with disabilities.

library Methods, subjects were randomly assigned to intervention or control groups. Policy as implemented, one cause was a coordinated change in incentives. Limitations are that i earnings effects of specific intervention components cannot be estimated since all treatment subjects received the same package of services.

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Director of the Program on Employment and Disability in the Extension Division of Cornellapos. National Center for the Dissemination of Disability Research. Social policy consistent with the intellectual underpinnings of the ADA was not put into place. And David Stapleton, s School of Industrial and Labor Relations. Providing research and data to inform decisionmaking that affects children. Director of the Cornell University Institute for Policy Research. Children and Disabilities, social PolicyInfluence, in a recent paper titled" The Stunning Contrast between the Employment of Single Mothers and People with Disabilities in the 1990s Burkhauser and Stapleton examine paper the policies that have brought two unexpected and opposite results. It was this need to determine the quality how of existing data on people with disabilities that spurred Burkhauser. American Association for People with Disabilities aapd.