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more for our comprehensive guide on how to get your. You may not edit your posts vB code is, on, smilies are, on, iMG ellen hopkins perfect paper airplane code is, off. Name: Is your name on it? There are bee paper company watercolor paper review other cards currently printed in the TCG that this card name could be, Elemental hero the Shining, Elemental hero Shining Flare Wingman, etc. TCG Article Archive Yu-Gi-Oh OCG (Japanese Cards) News, Decks Gossip Yu-Gi-Oh! At some events, more than 10 of Duelists are eliminated from competition due to these 100 avoidable penalties. Over 150 Duelists had a problem at this event because their. DO write the name of the card in the native language of the country youre Dueling in, even if the card youre using isnt in that language. If they dont match, fix them so that they do match. DO make sure your Deck is legal. Others dont collect it until the player meeting right before the event begins. Using BW, LS, GB, GK, or LSS for Blackwing, Lightsworn, Gladiator Beast, Gravekeepers, or Legendary Six Samurai, respectively, etc. Then, at last, its time to Duel! Abbreviations It is very important to register as much of the card name as possible.

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Deck, you need to accurately write down all of the phd cards that youre playing with in your Main. If you have the editable Deck List. As we were waiting for the completion of the Top. Write the Main Deck Total on the appropriate box on the top right of the Deck List. List can read, these things are easy to fix so you can avoid this happening to you.

Reminder these are more for proof of concept inspiration than to be a top tier tournament. Which is kmart photo transfer paper updated four times a year. And no more than 15 cards in your Extra Deck. But no more than 60 cards in your Main Deck. And will result in both a penalty and potentially not being allowed to play with the card that you thought you had registered. Unacceptable Abbreviations Common Errors Using initials for the whole card name. If you have more than 1 surname. And since how to fix paper jam hp 4400 you filled out your Deck List completely and correctly. S Go Pikachu Eevee Gossip Pokemon Letapos.

Dont forget to write how many copies of a card youre playing, or forget to put 1 next to a card youre only playing.  Yu-Gi-Oh Card Trading Forums        Yu-Gi-Oh North American Card Trading Forums        Yu-Gi-Oh European Card Trading Forum        Yu-Gi-Oh International Card Trading Forums        Yu-Gi-Oh Japanese Card Trade Forums    Yu-Gi-Oh TCG Discussions, News Gossip   .For examples, click here.