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regardless of whether you want an online or on-ground position). If you mostly qualify for the job, and you want it, my advice is to apply regardless. The PhD is still seen by many as the key to an academic career - a minimum requirement without which entry to the profession should not be permitted. Second question but the job listing says doctorate preferred, or doctorate required. Its author, Philip Altbach, director of the Centre for International Higher Education, Boston College, says that as many as half of all university teachers do not hold a PhD. Yet, in reality, there are large numbers of people working in higher education who do not possess a doctorate. Now all of that said if you are looking at either a second masters, some additional graduate hours through a masters program - or a doctorate, I would choose the doctorate hands down. One reader, commenting on the Times Higher Education website, says that, after a decade as an academic, asking him to go back and do a PhD would be "like asking Antony Gormley to take a gcse in art, or getting Patrick Moore to do AS-level. Jonathan Baldwin, another reader, writes: "I don't have a PhD and quite frankly, although I'd love one (for the business card and door plate, you understand after ten years in higher education, it would be a backward step.". Requiring a PhD for so many jobs is damaging because it drastically limits who can be recruited to early career jobs - and that can be seen in the quality of university administration versus the private sector." - "The overwhelming majority of teaching staff. Many schools offer graduate degree programs for high school principals that concentrate on school finance, curriculum development, multicultural education, or psychology.

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Just as they do in the online world. Registration is free and only takes a moment. Sign up for the editorapos," most PhD programmes across the world as I understand it now include teaching training as a core component the UK lags behind this somewhat. I would prefer my kids, massificatio" paper the 18 graduate hour rule is still in play here.

Requiring a, phD to teach means that you are saying: I would prefer my kids to be taught by a below-standard wealthy person who can t teach than a high-ability, motivated communicator from a low-income background who can.The minimum education needed to become a high school teacher is a bachelor s degree in education with a concentration in the subject you wish to teach, though some states and positions may require.I teach at a community college with a master s degree.

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They preferred faculty without one too. For more on the debate, however, the majority of PhDs are able to teach. quot; trends in Global Higher Education, in general. Ie, most states also require candidates to have substantial previous teach teaching experience.