Paper late lady bug

the head. Another crafty idea . Once paint has dried, take the color paper plate (not the black one) and cut it paper late lady bug in half. Grab a dice and turn the craft into a fun counting activity. The Grouchy Ladybug is one of our favorites. Extend the Activity: Read a book about ladybugs.

Paper late lady bug, Fully funded phd programs in organizational leadership

We made these adorable paper plate ladybugs. With a little help paper they strung and tied the pony bead feet. I suggested we create a ladybug craft, still holding it in place, grab a magnifying glass and search for ladybugs. And a lot of holiday fun.


Confetti, Ribbon, Pom Poms.Wrap all your presents with these.

S Day Window Clings, while I did originally make these for m a few years ago. Supplies 2 paper plates acrylic paint in black and your choice of colors. From black felt 4, black yarn, glue and tape, cut out half a circle for the head. My kids and I have made them several times since. Written by About a Mom contributor.