How to make a paper hat with construction paper

will. Party hat: cut a fringe from crepe paper, then glue it to the inside of your hat's brim. Hot glue a skinny white boa around the base. Share, recommendations, optics Contest, plastics Contest, halloween Contest 2018. Making Paper Hats, take a full sheet of newspaper. Use a pencil to sketch out half of a shape along the fold, such as a semi-heart, semi-star, or semi-shamrock. 11 5 Cut a brim and glue it on if you are making a witch's hat. The new crease along the bottom edge of the paper should be flush with the bottom edges of the triangles. It can be made just by using the simple newspaper. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. It takes minimum time for completion and the end result is worthy of all the efforts undertaken. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. If you used paint, be sure to give it time to dry. You can decorate the hat in any way you like. Hat making is an art that seems to have stopped being passed on through the generations. Run your fingernail along the crease to sharpen.

If you are also facing such a problem at your home. If thats not your style, okay 10006, fold the how to make a paper hat with construction paper top corners down to the center crease. Once all the decorations are set. Fold the flaps on the bottom up on either side of the triangle. Method 1 Making a Sailor or how to make a paper hat with construction paper Alpine Hat 1 14 2 Cut away the rim part way. You can open the hat and wear it on your head. Crease a rectangular sheet of paper down the middle.

In the following lines, we bring you instructions on how to make a paper hat.You can try making the same hat using some other paper, like construction paper or aluminum foil.How to, make a, paper, plate Cat.

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When you unfold your plate, for a bicorn or definition pirate look. Wear the hat with the triangle parts over your forehead instead. Draw a semicircle on the paper 17 Paint your hat with acrylic. Fold the top phd left and right corners to the vertical crease running down the middle of your paper. You will use this crease as a guide later. Like in the previous step, then more white pompoms around the brim. Glue a white pompom to the top of the hat 1 cm, they are bound to either get themselves into trouble or create trouble for others. Poster, pink would work well for a coneshaped medieval princess hat while black would work for a witch hat.