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discussed escort allegations. "Sir David English, a Top Editor On Fleet Street, Is Dead at 67". "Journalism by Arthur Christiansen: The Express Way". Chapman, James (3 February 2012). Continental and Overseas Daily Mail Two foreign editions were begun in 19; the former titled the Overseas Daily Mail, covering the world, and the latter titled the Continental Daily Mail, covering Europe and North Africa. In a free country northwestern soc phd gre where enterprise can make its way, he was able to create this enormous, lasting, persuasive and attractive newspaper which had its influence in our daily lives and with which we have walked along the road for 50 years." Griffiths, Dennis (1992). It was also the first in Britain to have a crossword puzzle. Peter Hitchens (18 December 2000). 183 And in 2017, a thinly-disguised version of the Daily Mail, called simply The Mail appears in Michael Paraskos 's dark satire based on the Donald Trump presidency, Rabbitman, in which the newspaper's fictional editor is subjected to a lobotomy in a dystopian post- Brexit. "Amid Syrian Refugee Crisis, 'Racist' Daily Mail Cartoon Prompts Anger On Social Media".

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The Leader of the Labour Party. Which had been published as ucsb a tabloid by the same company. Stated" how lt Cdr Ralph Izzard Writer for the Mail beginning in 1931 and continued contributing until his death in 1992. The Mail from the start adopted an imperialist political stance.

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