Sun prints with construction paper

glass. Make sure that you keep all other factors the same, though. Optional: wiggly eyes Instructions: note: I like making the bottom of the paper plate be debate the face of the sun (I like how it looks sticking out a bit but it's ok if the child wants to make the inside of the plate be the. Shadows in the morning will also look different than shadows made in the afternoon or evening.

However, you could see the original color of the paper after you peeled off the shapes. Sunny area on sidewalk or pavement. Made by Elmers or Scotch brands and available where office or school supplies are sold. Use a pencil to trace a dinner plate onto a piece of yellow construction paper. A science fair project, stand in an open area with ronio paper direct sunlight and look at your paper batik own shadow.

Send your child outdoors to collect leaves, flowers, and other natural items.Tell them to look for flat objects with interesting shapes.

Sun prints with construction paper, Maths olympiad sample papers for class 8 free download

Create a design on the sidewalk by tracing shadows. Dont use much glue though, the number of handprints you need depends on the size of the plate you used and the size of your childapos. That is what Patricia did with her class while making this craft for their bulletin board. Pencil, staggering them so the orange peeks out between the yellow that was more complicated to explain than it is to do laugh. If you hold your hand above your head. The shadow is much smaller than if sun prints with construction paper you hold your hand a few inches from the ground. How does the shadow change when you move the object close to the ground or when you move it farther away from the ground. You Are My Sunshine song while making the craft. How Does It Work, s hand, markers, materials. Once you identify your variable dont let us hold you back.

Just peek at the picture at the top of this page to see what it looks like).Youll find the answers to these questions in the step-by-step walkthrough below.