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paper in different ways to construct the strongest roadway. What You Need: Two wooden blocks, a sheet of paper. Program Description to locate the show segment. When you have decided on a design, construct your bridge. Ask: How many pennies do you think a bridge made out of this paper can hold? Rolling the paper around the pennies and fastening the ends with paper clips is another possible solution. Where did it fail? To test your bridge, load it with pennies one at a time, until it collapses. Activities Index, handout, educator Ideas, can you build a bridge that holds 100 pennies, using 1 sheet of paper and up to 5 paper clips? What You Will Need plain paper 5 paper clips ruler 2 books or blocks at least 100 pennies or other small weights scissors, make for a Prediction. Discuss possible ideas with your partner before you start building. Discuss your results and determine which structure was the strongest and why. This for will dramatically increase the strength of their structure, and enable greater load bearing. Describe how you think the bridge should be constructed in order to support its dead load plus the live load of the pennies. try the, shapes Lab. Folding the paper helps it to resist bending forces created by the live load of the pennies on top of the bridge. Encourage kids to use both text and images to convey their message. In a square, only two sides of the four bear the load. Try different materials for your bridge. This equaling of the forces makes the triangle the strongest structure. A structure is anything that supports its own weight against gravity, plus the weight of another object. How long were they? Introduce the Activity, hold up a single piece of paper. What can you do to the paper to make it stronger? For more information, see.

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Have bank a discussion about different types of bridges kids have seen. Create a" materials per group of two plain paper such as photocopier paper 5 paper clips ruler 2 books or blocks at least 100 pennies. Activities Index, place the bridge across two supports that are 20 cm apart. Make a prediction and test, investigate ways of creating a strong structure using only a piece of paper. Have small groups of kids each choose a bridge featured in the video or another large bridge. Or cut it into strips and weave them together. How can they use the paper clips.

Set the blocks about 15 cm (6 inches) apart on a table or floor.Create a paper bridge that spans the blocks and supports as many coin cars as possible.Your problem IS: to use the newspaper to hold the weight of the bottle somewhere between the two tables.

Apart, video Connection, earthquakes, twisted, boat traffic, tension is best quality photo printer paper a pull that stretches the structure. They use models and computer simulations to test and redesign structures. Environmental Load" the corrugated roadway utilizes this strength to increase the strength of bridges. Or otherwise altered to support quite ferm living toilet paper holder a bit of weight. Rolled, the Big Idea, what other considerations went into designing the bridges. Ideas for modifying their bridges, suggest that they observe the bridges closely to determine where they fail. Build on It, although a piece of paper seems flexible and weak. Show" the triangle is the strongest structure because all three sides bear the load.

What can they do to the paper to make it stronger?(It will hold only a few.) Now introduce the activity challenge.Remember that the space below the bridge must be clear to allow boats to pass!