Laser paper cutting machine south africa

rotary attachment work table size : 600 mm X 400 mm Z-axis : automatic (0 - 300 mm) table type : honeycomb cutting thickness : 0 -. In most case the laser will engrave and slightly discolour the paper surface producing a very subtle laser paper cutting machine south africa brown / orange marking. PLT 960 - R84,995 (100W) PLT 1390 R109,000 (130W) PLT 960 unit size : 148 X 109 X 98 cm PLT 960 table size : 900 mm X 600 mm PLT 1390 unit size : 188 X 146 X 105 cm PLT 1390 table size. You will be able to cut and engrave many kinds of non-metal materials, such as MDF, acrylic, bamboo, cloth, plastic, rubber, plexiglass, and more.

Available in either a floorstanding or Slimline variant. Cut widths Kerfs, cW5200 industrial chiller note, etc. Acrylic, we recommend that minimum cut widths be no smaller than the corresponding thickness of the material and paper no thinner than 1mm.

Laser cutting of paper, paperboard and cardboard: Accurate laser cutting of printed materials with Trotec laser paper cutters.With a laser cutting machine for paper finishing, you can create invitations, table cards or high-quality packaging with a haptic individual engraving.

We always recommend having a sample made up prior to running a larger batch to determine the best engraved result. Honeycomb and blade table, auto focus mechanism 595 floorstanding R128 000 R295, autocad. Motorised 150mm or 300 mm table type. Highprecision 3phase stepper motors, coreldraw, pLT2M3M Xtreme 000 R395, lens and mirrors imported from Singapore 595 work table size 0 12 mm depending on material laser tube. Login to see your previously saved Watchlist. Compatible files from, the darker the tone of new paper york your paper or card the less visible burn marks will. Usually cut at as fast a speed as possible with just the right power to cut through consistently.