Acetone image transfer paper

coat spray. Use a cotton ball or brush and saturate the backside of the print with acetone.

And adding personality to a room can be easy and newspaper inexpensive with DIY crafts. The finished transfer will have a stamplike quality. What you will need, it works best on wood and cloth. Remove the paper and tape, and be careful too much pressure may rip your print. Well be applying the image transfer to canvas tote bags and wood cutting boards.

Jun 29, 2014 Acetone Image Transfer, i read that you can transfer a photocopy image onto wood with acetone.This intrigued me as I wanted alternative transfer method besides using Mod Podge since it shows the paper.Jan 07, 2016 Turns out theres a pretty awesome method that just uses.

Because it will create a crisper transfer of the climate change response paper sci/256 print. And transferring the image onto a new surface. Here are the steps I use for transferring photos to fabric and wood. Step 4, i dont know why it took me so long to decide to put labels.