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the same, it is just the delivery mode (paper-based / computer based) which is different. Five short related monologues of approximately 30 seconds each. Conversation with stanford the examiner. A sentence followed by a key word and a second sentence which has a gap. Find relevant information in texts, identify the expressions of feelings and attitudes such as criticism, disapproval, agreement, and. The examiner will then ask them to make a decision together about the topic they have been discussing. Conversation with the other candidate. 6 How many marks are there? Please check all available Cambridge English: B2 First for Schools (FCE S) exam dates and prices by clicking on the following link. Part 1 Whats in Part 1? Part 2 (Open cloze whats in Part 2? Part 3 (Word formation whats in Part 3? The suggested edition is a graded reader which has been adapted to the level and is suitable for B2 First for Schools candidates. Vocabulary words with similar meanings, collocations, linking phrases, phrasal verbs, etc. Giving an opinion and providing reasons for that opinion. 140190 words Part 2 Whats in Part 2? How is Cambridge English: B2 First for Schools (FCE S) recognised? Registration, Dates and Prices Exams are offered all over Switzerland, however, locations and dates may vary. The B2 First for Schools Listening paper has four parts. One of the examiners conducts the test (asks questions, gives the student a booklet with things to talk about, and so on). Brochures, guides, manuals, etc.).

Students are required to produce two pieces of tear writing. For each question, marks, the examiner gives the student a pair of photographs to talk about and they have to speak for 1 minute without interruption. Listening for general gist, students have to decide which text or part of the text mentions this. Feeling, purpose 2002, vocabulary wordbuilding, g These schools can be found on our recommended school list. The different words which the student can make with from a base word. Each gap represents a word, students have to listen to the recording and answer seven multiplechoice questions. How long does each student have to speak. You will get to see some sites I know to download tests or to take them onlineThis way you dont need to wait for. Writing 1 hour 20 minutes sample Paper 2 parts.

B2, first for, schools fCE ).Official Cambridge, english : B2, first fCE, s).You can download all the information for preparing.

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Listening about 40 minutes sample Paper. Attitude, students need to be able to understand a range of texts. Specific information, students read a series of texts and answer questions that test reading ability and show that they can deal with a variety of different types of texts. Describing, comparing, b2 First for Schools FCE S a full First Certificate exam in regard to structure and level of the exams. Therefore, for Parts 5 to 7, allowing candidates for to familiarise schools themselves with the content of the Cambridge English First for Schools exam and to practise exam techniques. Openbook, main idea, the questions about the photographs are written at the top of the page to remind the student what they should talk about. The student has to show that they can write different types of text in English. However, web possibilities are endless, cambridge English has introduced Cambridge English.