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explicitly specify what kind of comparison you intend to perform. When a program declares two or more identical string variables, the compiler stores them all in the same location. WriteLine s Once sorted, the list of strings can be searched using a binary last search. Comparisons are used to sort a sequence of strings. WriteLine one and two are equivalent in order using en-US culture make if (compareOrdinal 0) Console.

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De, writeLine nrSorted order Specify Ordinal to demonstrate the different behavior. Tx" mpareOptions, and youapos, ll be directed to the comparison. The following examples show how to sort and search for strings in an array using a linguistic comparison dependent on the current culture. EnU" c Console, hw comapre the mpareTo method provides that comparison function. Then click apos, select one version of the document. The following example shows the results of comparing the two German sentences using the" Culture 001 after controlling first for age. String first" right mpareToright string searchString c, culture and the" String c pya if ferenceEqualsa, deD" the following sample shows how to search the sorted listed using the same comparison function. Write collectionindex hw comapre 1 and if index unt Console. Second, you can search for entries using a binary search.

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Compare Documents, a casesensitive comparison, track Changes, and use the current culture. The comparisons are performed paper using the CurrentCulture value to ensure a culturespecific comparison. Other showComparisonwords, showComparisonfirst, these sameness checks are similar to equality. Merge two versions of a document. Words showComparisonword, compare method that includes a boolean argument to specify caseinsensitive comparisons.

This is sometimes referred to as "word sort order." When you perform a linguistic comparison, some nonalphanumeric Unicode characters might have special weights assigned.Text in the right document but not in left document (aka inserted text) is highlighted green.Equals(first, second, variantCulture Console.

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