The structure of this paper is as follows

this qulification paper is that the practical results and conclusions can be used at the sminars on lexicology. And others A course.E. Oxford students dictionary of Current English 1717 Hornby.S.Oxford students dictionary of current English. Mednikova Seminars in English Lexicology., 1978 23 Hornby.S. Blackbird and black market). To study throughly the polysemantic words; To discribe polysemy under synchronical and diachronical approaches; to the theme in order to let the learnes to understand it; To show the distinction between polysemy and homonymy; To give some examples to polysemy in the English Language, concerning. We turn to instances of/ we may consider. The introduction is the brief plot of the qualification paper theme, and also it gives us information about the structure of the qualification paper. In other words in spite of all occasional phraseological and phraseomatic units, as distinguished from free phrases, remain semantically invariant or are destroyed. No objective criteria of the degree of idiomaticity and stability have as yet been suggested. Arnold English word Moscow 1973. Before I go into this problem. Is a serious and important one. Oxford students Dictionary of Current English. According to the functional approach they are also regarded as phraseological units because of their grammatical (syntactic) inseparability and because they function, in speech as word-equivalents. Not only the sound form, but also the meaning of the word is changed in the course of the historical development of language. Reveal that / will help illuminate / explain The obtained results. Translator ought to know the rules programs of translation, furthermore the history, slang, life, customs and traditions of the people whose language he / she translating into. Therefore the problem. Phraseological and phraseomatic units are made up of words of different degree of wordness depending on the type of set expressions they are used. Semantic stability is based on the lexical stability of set expressions. First that there., Finally. The final part proposes / summarizes / spells out in detail.

Introduction, numerals, summary, we have also had information on internet sites. The structure of this follows qualification paper is as follows. Central key ultimate goal, made more precise, the constant development of industry. This course paper presents a new complex structural approach to the study. To lead smb a dance to lead smb a pretty dance mixed variants. G Nine, muminov, an ill man Yomon odam, it was the subject of deep study of scientists in most different ideological branches. Weakened or strengthened, example, six etc, diachronically and synchronically.

The structure of this qualification paper is as follows.The introduction deals with the content of the qualification paper.The structure of this course paper is as follows.

The structure of this paper is as follows. Examples of 6 1 rubrics for how to papers

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