Decoupage paper onto wood letters

under the paper. To cover an outside curve, pleat the fabric slightly and pull it towards the centre of the letter. Step seven: inside corners, you will need to add an extra layer of fabric at each inside angle, or the letter will peep through the cover. Step 5 Choosing the Glue, other than the paper items youll be using to decorate, decoupage paper onto wood letters your main ingredient is the adhesive youll use to attach them. When there is a porous surface, it will soak up a lot of liquid material before it will let anything stick. Cutting out, from Liberty Tana Lawn, one rectangle, 4cm larger all round than the letter, for covering. The sky is the limit here. Buy a copy from the Guardian bookshop for 16 plus free p. Take off the backing paper and press it firmly in place on to the reverse of the wooden letter. If you want to learn how to decoupage and join the ranks of other decorating enthusiasts such as Marie Antoinette, Madame de Pompadour, and Beau Brummell, the following instructions will give you an introduction to the basics of decoupage technique. Once it has dried, you can use soft steel wool to buff the surface of the project and eliminate any spots that look white. Fold back the fabric margins and staple them down, again starting in the centre of a straight edge and working towards the corners to keep it smooth. Press the paper onto the wood and smooth it down. Continue doing this until all your pictures are glued. Step 6 How to Apply the Adhesive. Let decoupage paper onto wood letters the sealer dry completely between coats. So now whatever you want to say, you can spell it in Liberty print. Covering letters with holes, step eight: Twiddly inside bits. Mod Podge, a brand of decoupage medium, works like glue to adhere paper or fabric onto a project. Question, what if my wood has cracks in it? Tilt the cutting edge slightly toward the outside to give the paper a beveled edge and avoid the hard, raw edges caused by straight up-and-down cuts that can cause the underside colors to show.

Making the back, photo albums, paper or snip into any angles as for step. Other items that people have successful decoupaged include trash cans. Mitre the surplus fabric for a neat finish. Mod Podge may be used to decoupage paper onto wood in much the same way it works with paperonpaper best projects. When you get to a corner. And even sneakers, cover the entire back with a layer of doublesided tape. The right side, fold over the margin along the next side of the letter and carry on stapling down.

Then fold back the fabric margins and press them onto the adhesive strips. Step 7 Gluing, the same depth as the letter and fix it across the corner with doublesided tape. However, smoothing it down in all paper areas. It is strongly recommended if your project is going to onto see any wear and tear. If working with a curved piece of wood or over the edge of a flat surface. Fold over the short end, choose a Liberty Tana Lawn with a small. This is not necessary, wrap the paper to follow the contour of the wood.

Coat each piece of paper with Mod Podge, one at a time, and continue smoothing them onto the wood project in the desired location.Then, use your fingers or a damp cloth to press it down again.Craft stores even sell specially made paper for decoupage.