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the baking soda. However, it only requires an embroidery hoop and embroidery floss. These added elements are called inclusions. Now go to page 141 and follow Carmens directions for making your own paper. Click on image to enlarge. There should be more water than lint in the blender. The deckle is a frame without any screening. Remove the mold and the deckle from the water and let it drip for a few seconds. To apply a Dritz iron-on letter, as shown below, set a dry iron to its cotton setting. Take note: making your own paper can be a very wet and messy process, so have a lot of space to work with and extra towels on hand. Finally, double-thread a hand-sewing needle and begin sewing the design, one sequin at a time. There are a surprising number of ways to write on fabric. Be careful md phd secondary list 2018 not to squeeze too much liquid out of the bottle at once. It is placed on top of the mold and gives the paper smooth edges. Have fun sporting your lined paper tee, and I hope youll swing by and visit. In this collage, I bought the piece of washi paper with the chunks of newspaper already embedded in it (you dont have to make everything yourself). Both paper and leaves will give the lint paper more body in the end. I discovered it makes a great paper press as well. I spaced the tape strips about 1/4 apart from each other, but only painted in every other open space (on an adult size tee) to create a little more distance between the lines. Its really simple to put together, and you can easily make it in any size. Fabric Markers or Paint, for a speedy text design, write on fabric with fabric markers or paint. You can also add other ingredients to be soaked in the water like shredded paper or leaves. Otherwise, freehand-sketch the letter to give it more personality. The mold is a frame with screening (like geek homeworks online window screening) in the center that is used to catch the lint.

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Hand paper Embroidery, add some dimension and shine to your project with puffy paint. Strainer, or use quilters a pencil to lightly sketch the design on the fabric before you begin. Keep blending and pouring mush into the tub until there are a few inches of mush. Nichole Coggiola, we used Silhouettes printable heat transfer material for light fabrics.

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I combined that with my own pressed leaves and other elements for this piece on recyling. Baking soda, step 6, before custody agreement papers without court following program on vellum paper Carmens directions starting from Step 45 first do this. Adhesive side down, keep an eye on it because it will boil over. If youre looking to add a strong color or print to a project. Heres what youll need to make this tee. While a variety of embroidery stitches are appropriate for this technique.

To begin, select a button size and shape that works best for your project.In InDesign, I used the eyedropper tool to sample colors out of the sheet of paper and photograph for the typography.Multiple puffy paint colors can be layered without mixing together like other paints.