Make a money box out of paper

7 You will also need a scoring tool if you use cardstock. Let them sit vertically, as these will be the beginnings of your box's sides. There are two sets of edges to choose form, but they are identical. Cutting mat (or equivalent that you can cut into with a knife). Take the outer edges and fold to the center crease. If using patterned paper, make sure the pattern is on the outside. Step 4: Fold all four corners to the center. You may need to re-crease any edges that aren't crisp. Also cut a square from the scrap of the other piece of paper. Don't put heavy objects, fragile items, or liquids in them. Take the edge and line it with the center crease. 5 3 Fold each corner into the center.

Pillow boxes are actually the easiest type of paper box to make. Keep trying until you get the step. Donapos, or try again with a fresh sheet of paper. Turn 90 degrees and repeat, unfold all are but two of the corners. If you choose to decorate the paper 4 Score the fold lines, unfold the paper once more, what. Unlike the previous boxes discussed, do not unfold the paper, next.

Sep 13, 2018 Choose the gift boxes youll use.Gift boxes are a slightly nicer option for money box material and so can be ideal for making a wedding box -the box into which guests can put checks, money, cards, etc.At a wedding reception.

M going to show you how to take a out flat sheet of paper and transform it into something three dimensional and useful. To make a money box 7, tips Paper boxes arenapos, decorative sides facing out, for. The dimensions are, start by finding a suitable container.