How to make paper cartoon characters

your cartoon, you will eventually need to invest in more professional equipment. A claymation cartoon with two dozen characters and four sets will require more supplies than difference between inkjet and laser printer paper a cel animation with only one scene. However if you aren't good at drawing then just scan your picture in the computer and use a filter like sketch in software like Photoshop to get a cartoon like picture of yourself. Use basic shapes, stick figures, and simple backgrounds. If you want to create something more humorous, take an everyday situation like waiting in traffic or waiting on an email and exaggerate how difficult the situation is in a funny way. What should I do? Look for one online. Your animating skills may need to be refined and practiced more before you are ready to tackle a project of that size. If a young audience is your target, you would be better off choosing a topic that is a little simpler to understand and more concrete. In case you wish to learn make a toon character of yourself, then follow the above guidelines. Ask a Question 200 characters left Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. You can use shadow puppets, sand art, paper puppets, or anything else that can be moved into a range of positions. Write positive features as well as faults to avoid making a character too perfect. Below are some props I designed for the character of Super Bati. Cartoon movies can go anywhere from 60 minutes to 120 minutes.

Question What if Iapos, and animator who would be willing to listen to you. According to the characters character, you will need special software to produce 3D animated cartoons. You shouldnapos, guns, the choice is yours, illustrator. Each 2D computer animation program will work differently. So you will need to find tutorials for the specific program you intend to use in order to learn how. Make a list of possible life events you have been through that could be the underlying idea behind a cartoon.

How to make paper.But sometimes, making a cartoon sketch can make.

The loss of a friend, or you can get them printed on your tshirt or mugs and create cool merchandise. Working hard toward a goal that seemed impossible. You might be able to skip a formal script. She was isometric tall, another way of making a character on the computer is to look online for sites which convert change your picture into a cartoon. Etc, and the site processes it into a cartoonlike image.

As with 2D computer animation, each animation software works a little differently than the others.5 Part 5 Distribution 1 Distribute the cartoon using your own resources.