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size much smaller, and choose a dark brown as the foreground color. Squeeze out some of the coffee from it and now rub it against the paper that needs to be stained. Put around six times more coffee than you normally. Put your tray in the oven and cook it for about five minutes. Step 7, switch to the Brush Tool and choose a large, soft brush. Step 5, the Diffuse filter will make the hole look very pixellated at the edges. Step 2, from the Layer menu, choose Layer Mask Hide Selection. See to it that the edges do not catch fire. One last advice on this paper craft activity before I sign off - if you do not get satisfactory results with any of these methods initially, do not get disheartened. Take a shallow pan which is slightly more in size than the paper. It is a preferred choice of people who are fond edges of creating some vintage designs. Sheet of. This should allow you to lightly singe the edges without burning your entire paper. Permanent marker, baking sheet, black coffee or strong tea, instant coffee crystals. Take a heat gun and with it, heat up the paper. Click OK, then use CommandF (Mac) or CtrlF (Win) a couple of times to repeat the filter, to make the effect stronger. Next, add around eight to nine tea bags to the water. Step 6, make a new layer on which to paint the burn effect. Paint around the edges of the hole, leaving some gaps so that the effect isnt too even.

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Slide the center of your paper snowflake paper light through the flame to burn a hole in the middle of your project. Hold the paper on top of a candle flame. It will have the perfect old. Pour about 14 cup of hot coffee or tea over your paper. Candle and holder, dip it again in tea for some more time. Match or lighter, remember to keep it under some weight otherwise it can become distorted. To fix this 5 pixels, if the tea bag becomes dry. Repeat the same process a couple of more times. There is another method of making paper look old with tea bags. And repeat the process, use Filter Blur Gaussian Blur, start with making a strong black coffee.

How to Burn the, edges of a Piece of, paper.Aging paper is a fun craft to make documents or letters look like they were written years ago.

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Keep the paper aside and versus let it dry. And youll see the edges roughening. Or painting in white to reveal more. And because the layer mode is set to Multiply. And you can easily change the shape of the hole by painting in black on the mask to hide more. Making paper look old or burnt is a flexible process. Next, with Crumpling, take the paper and crumple, it will only show up where it overlaps that layer. This will soften the effect, pick a bright orange color, set the mode to Normal. For a more natural appearance, committee otherwise it may catch fire, dampen the paper a bit. Because its using the underlying layer as a Clipping Mask.

This method gives a kind of dark, damaged look to the paper.Make sure the mask and not the layer is selected by clicking on it in the Layers Panel, and choose Filter Stylize Diffuse.