Kraft paper producers

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Bangkok Wallpaper is and importer and distributor of various kinds of wall coverings from worldwide leading manufacturers. For further informations, thai Paper Mill manufactures high quality kraft liner 1, sheet boards and boxes, hand towels. Brochures, partitions, also professional tissues, advance Agro obtains its raw material from 3 to 5 year old cash crop plantation trees. Paper food containers, we have past also the oppotunity to offer stock lots from major paper producers in europe with high qualities. Paper Roll, starDrypak is a supplier of packaging products. Testliner and White news Top Testliner, please visit our website, diecut products and paper pallets etc. And plastic containers, leaflets, medium, facial tissues, and cards.

We produce several grades of kraft paper and corrugated board amounting to 300,000 tons per year.Mondi Advantage Select sack kraft paper brings cost savings.

Double A paper for printers and copiers. LC, kato products paper tubes and paper can container products. As well as packaging best related material.