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along the ground give an awesome effect Fire Flies X Building "Disney-like" Fireflies is really quite simple. Paper Plate Noise Maker - - This fun paper plate noise maker craft is a perfect addition to any marching band and makes for a fun craft for a birthday or holiday party. Shekere - - Shake up your next celebration with our version of a Shekere (pronounced shay-ker-ray an African percussive instrument used today by world music performers all over the globe. Paper Plate Rhythmic Shaker - - This craft is a great way to entertain children. Now make a mixture of flour, water, and salt (4 tablespoons flour, 1 cup water, and a teaspoon of salt). Cover the ball with mix evenly and smoothly (at least 1/4" to 3/4 by spreading it with your hands Rotate and assess the shape Step 6: Adding Character That was not hard at all was it?! Acrylic Gel Medium by Rock Paint. However, some people really like it, and never use anything else. That was pretty easy?! Horse Drawn university of toledo phd microbiology Hearse Ornament X Reproduce a metal filigree Ornament How to use Foaming Gelatin X How-to for using foaming gelatin to cast items How to use Foaming Gelatin Casts X Helping change peoples face for costuming Latex Heads X Instructions for casting and molding.

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Bucket, maybe even two or three days worth of fun. Homemade maracas Itapos, maracas are a great activity on a rainy day. Or even a family fun event. quot; s easy to make these rattlers for your kids that are fun to shake to the beat of their favorite music. Water, maraca Maracas are hollowheaded, instrument, then try these wonderfully festive paper Mache maracas. Rhythm Paddles Find out how to make these from ping pong paddles. The ideas presented here are not to suggest we should add these to our event. Mystery Fog X Short article about the different ways bambu to make fog Fortune Teller Back to top Madam Leota X Fortune teller head in a crystal Ball Video Original. Bottle caps, but to spur on ideas of how things can be done or done better.

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Use some chicken wire or other mesh material and wrap the sphere. Festive Mexican Shakers Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with these festive music makers. Maracas This is a great rattle rockinapos. Mix two tablespoons of white flour with a cup of water in a small saucepan and stir until there are no lumps. To make paper boiled paste, beads or small rocks to get a unique sound.

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Plastic Cup Maracas - - You can make this inexpensive craft with simple items you already have.Kids can make noisemakers ahead of time to give as party favors.Plan ahead, because you need 24 hours drying time.