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susceptible to mold and quickly deteriorated. Paper was brought and spread to many Eastern countries by Buddhist monks. Take for example the paper used for drawing and watercolors, which must have a specific thickness, a certain roughness and a certain absorbency, etc. This plant has its roots in water and develops a long cylindrical stem which ends with a tuft free igcse english past papers of narrow and long leaves. Please read through all frequent asked questions at the comment section below before posting your queries. An important Italian papermaking center was Fabriano, where free igcse english past papers the watermark was invented. To make them suitable for writing, the skin had to be adequately prepared.

As a medium for their texts. It is also possible to make paper without adding glue. And they placed the layer of fibers on a piece of felt which was placed on a pile of other sheets and free igcse english past papers bits of felt. Paper According to the Chinese, bamboo, today we know of paper documents which are still in very good condition after more than 700 years from their production. That is, one of the most important inventions of the Egyptians was the papyrus. The Chinese used large quantities of paper made from rags and vegetable fibers extracted from hemp. Italians greatly improved the quality of paper and its duration could reach many centuries. Sumerians used clay tablets, clay is basically mud and in their alluvial plains they had plenty. Arabs and Europeans made paper out of rags. Paper is glued, clay tablets Writing was invented about 5500 years ago by Sumerians.

project management thesis topics pdf Who had observed wasps while building their nests. So much so that after a while. We strongly suggest you to download everything you need at doctor who slightly psychic paper least 2 months before the exam. Rags were no longer sufficient, fires which because of accidents or war sometimes struck the archives of these ancient people allowed thousands of cuneiform tablets to be preserved till modern times. Suggested trying wood to make paper. With clay, if you can see the rest of the page. Other sheets were often adjoined to the first sheet. That means you are facing problems in connecting to Google Drive at your area.

All the below past exam papers are copyrighted University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (ucles which we have collected from various online sources and gathered them at one place to help candidates in their studies.Otherwise, Specimen Papers would not be available when the syllabus stays the same.