How to beat koopa in rock paper scissors

boarded, and subsequently blown up by Mario and Huey. He even thanks Mario for listening to him during the train ride and expresses joy at seeing him again before dying. Awesome, but Impractical : The Flower cards. Mario is also one of these when he uses Things. He can be killed at Mossrock Theater after a seemingly regular fight. Palmtree Panic : Bloo Bay Beach, a seaside area where Oceanfest takes place. Then you get the usual Game Over animation where Mario falls over and the Slurp Guys suck up all his colour as the screen fades to white. After that, outside a few scenes in the story, he merely shows up randomly to mess with Mario's cards. Degraded Boss : Shunned Guy is faced at the end of Indigo Underground and is played up to be a major threat, and at that point in the game, Mario doesn't have many options to fight him with. You can get it from the Wolfram Demonstrations site. Unwinnable by Mistake : If you get really unlucky with Kamek's random curses, it is actually possible to be completely unable to do anything in battle until you use up all of your cards. Big Red Button : Activates the self-destruct mechanism on Bowser's Airship right above Crimson Fortress.

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