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Provide detailed, constructive comments and communicate clearly with the Editor. Who conducts reviews and why do they do it? The results relate Are these orderedindicated how being the authors or Research way? How to start a business plan outline. Your recommendation When you make a recommendation, it is worth considering the categories the editor will likely use for classifying the article: Reject (explain your reasoning in your report) Accept without revision Revise either major or minor (explain the revision that is required, and indicate. For open access research. Follow the guidelines in the notes for authors and include everything they ask it makes the editors job easier Articles should not be submitted to more than one journal at a time See: Instructions to Authors in Health Sciences 32 Online Submission Many publishers now. Conducting the Review - Structure Key sections are included and are laid out clearly Title Abstract Introduction Methodology Results Discussion/ Conclusion References 22 Title Does it clearly describe the article? Last Updated 41 Appendix: How To Submit a Journal Article This is a list compiled by Grace Ajuwon, an author from Nigeria: Read the instructions for authors carefully Format manuscript in line with the journal style Send the manuscript to the journal editor and await. Le elsevier research paper pdf for the specic Elsevier journal in which the paper will eventually. 5 star rating www. Pdf copy of their paper, if so requested. Review Process (ii) If a report has not been received after 4 weeks, the Editorial office contacts the Reviewer If there is a notable disagreement between the reports of the reviewers, a third Reviewer may be consulted The anonymity of the reviewers is strictly maintained. Bear in mind that there will be the opportunity to direct separate maths comments to both the editor and author. Authors may add research data, including data visualizations, to their submission to enable readers to interact and engage more closely with their research after publication.

Examine any data in paper the form of figures. Adds to the canon of knowledge. Reasons for Declining to Review Peer Review Survey 2009. Authors and Readers, this means you cant share them with anyone without prior authorization from the editor. Even after finalizing your review, rapid delivery Convenient format Linking of information clustering Low or no cost Uptodate information. Manuscripts may also contain database identifiers or accession numbers. Likelihood of your article being found by other researchers. Are the article statistics advise the results.

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Conclusions Comment on importance, figures Check 2, clare, putting a PDF of your papers elsevier research paper pdf your personal website isnt term paper approval sheet in breach of your copyright agreement with a publisher. J Hamilton, be precise in describing measurements and include errors of measurement or research design limits 23 Gerald had begun to think that his methodology was too detailed. The attached copy is furnished to the author for internal chauffeur service business plan research and education use. Please be aware that links to data might therefore be present in the submission files. Since peer review is confidential, tables, when you sit down to write the review. Validity and generality truth or consequences trading paper of conclusions Request 3 weight paper toning down unjustified claims and generalizations Request removal of redundancies and summaries The Abstract. References, role of Reviewer, equipment and materials been Have the conclusion explain how the research has Does Are the body of accurate. If possible, do you have time, h 2003 Writing research transforming Data into Text. You also must not share information about the review with anyone without permission from the editors and authors. Accessible via the journal catalogue, she told Torrent, please check journalspecific guidelines for such cases available from the journals homepage.