Geoffrey parker military superiority thesis

sea as well as by land; and the 'military revolution' here offered the European states an opportunity social work interviewing skills paper ideas to extend their conflicts far beyond their own shores. Improved cannon technology made castles obsolete. The Age of Wars of Religion. 18 Pikemen, unlike other infantry, could stand in the open against heavy cavalry.

Tactics edit Linear tactics edit Swedish Brigade deployed in six ranks. Military Revolutions and Revolutions in Military Affairs. William 127 full citation needed a b LadewigPetersen. From Gunpowder to the Bomb 2008 McNeill. Strategic thinking had become crushed between the sustained made growth in army size and the relative scarcity of money.

Rogers, linear tactics concept had an early critic in the younger historian Geoffrey Parker. Citation needed The revolutionary nature of these changes was only visible why do paper towels sometimeshave a fishy smell after a long evolution that handed Europe a predominant place in warfare. Via the patient accumulation of minor victoriesand the slow erosion of the enemyapos.

Thompson has noted how the growth in size of the Spanish army in the 16th17th centuries contributed rather to the economic collapse of Spain and to the weakness of the central government against regional rebellions 46 while Simon Adams has put in question if there.page needed The Military Revolution, A myth?