Psu grad school thesis submission

must be legible. If you number your chapters, the numbering system used in the body of the ETD and in the Table of Contents must match. Be sure to use an email address that you check regularly (including your junk/spam folder) to prevent delays in communication that will impact graduation clearance. Choose whether or not you would like ProQuest to file a copyright on your behalf. The default setting for the header/footer.5" from the edge of the page, so you will have to adjust size this manually from the Page Setup menu (Format/Document menu on a Mac). Text of the ETD. Bold and italics should be kept to a minimum; this is a professional document that should reflect a conservative style. Again, we will be in touch. Submitting an alternate version of your ETD to OGS may be a violation of the PSU Student Code of Conduct and may result in sanctions up to and including revocation of the degree.

As this information will be displayed online pros vs cons homework exactly as it is entered. For a sample Abstract click here. Appendices do not have a minimum font requirement but must be legible.

E, body of the ETD, beginning with page, divided into chapters. If used in your ETD Terminal references this will be omitted in the multipaper format Appendices. These pages are intended to guide students through these various processes. Contact OGS for assistance, oGS reviews your ETD for formatting only. You may also find other article companies online that offer printing or binding services for theses and dissertations. You can either embed your tables and figures throughout the document or put all your tables and figures in one group at the end of the document. Beginning with the first page of Chapter. Or papers included in the document have been previously published. You must include a note indicating that it has been published and provide the full citation at the start of that chapter. The pagination changes to Arabic numerals.

Formatting requirements have changed over time, and special arrangements could have been made that would not apply in all cases.The Print Stop handles payments, provides on-campus customer service, and takes care of the shipping and order tracking.The numbering of tables and figures in the appendices is at your discretion; it can continue from the numbering in the body of the ETD (e.g., if the final table in your ETD is Table 37, the first table in your appendices can be Table.